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101 Closing Techniques

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The 4 Social Styles

You will learn to:

Follow a 6 step Master Sales System

Engage & motivate the 4 types of people in the world

Use 25 plus Hypnotic Language Patterns

Master 12 Closing Statements & Stories

Kill Objections DEAD!

 Watch this 9 minute training Video.......

In 9 minutes, I can't make you a master, but I can teach 1 skill that can make a MAJOR difference. Check it out now. I guarantee spending a few hours with me, through video, audio, books and study guides, will increase your sales. DRAMATICALLY! My training will teach you how to:

  • Double your sales results in the next 30 days. Read to the End for Bonus!
  • Sell the 4 Social Styles, in just a few minutes.
  • You become a SELLING machine. Making more money than you ever imagined from the selling process. Buy the toys in life you deserve!
  • Use trends, data, and guarantees to impress the skeptical individual an CLOSE the sale. Certain folks NEED incentives to close the DEAL!
  • Grab the attention of the achievement oriented client quickly. Impressing the hell out of him in a FEW MINUTES.
  • Bond with that high energy person, and make them your best friend. Cementing the relationship for every and getting repeat business.
  • Use subliminal selling to compel folks to buy your product or service.
  • Language is powerful. USE the right words to drive people to buy.

Imagine what Audio, Video and Self Study manuals will teach in you....

There are 4 basic types of people in the world. If you can recognize the style, then you know what motivates them. IMMEDIATELY. Never mind, build rapport, use the right language, perfects closes, and deal with their primary objective. Just a quick snap shot below.

Click Here Now to get a copy of the 4 Social Styles Handout.

What Style are you? Are you the kind of person that needs the:

  • Bottom line? $ 497 makes you a Sales Master. You can Double Your Results in less than 30 Days! Guaranteed.

  • Right Decision? Listen I have trained 3000 plus salespeople, corporations pay be 10k a month just to go out once a month and work with their top salespeople. Don't make a mistake and miss out on these 100 plus sales strategies.

  • Support? The reason for multiple training. Workbooks, Audio, Video, Newsletter and Blog. I coach you to success in days.

  • Adventure? Imagine all the new things you can do after learning hypnotic language patterns. You will get more out of life. Get an upgrade at the hotel, raise, and more orders.

Spade: Fast paced, internally motivated, quick to make decisions. Loves to win.

Club: Slow paced, needs multiple validation (proof). Loves to be right.

Heart: Slow paced, shows a lot of emotion. Needs to be told what to do. Loves to be a team player.

Diamond:Face paced, loves the emotional juice of the moment. Needs to have FUN.

Hi! My Name is Jim Francis creator of Sales Code.

My 30 plus years in marketing and sales were the key to developing the Sales Code System. It is actually the combined effort of dozens of trainers, salesman, sale managers, that I have been around. Mentors that have made a huge impact in my life. Sales Masters like:

Tony Robbins, Don Hutson, Larry Wilson, Charles Givens, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, and dozens of sales training programs.

Sales Code is a Master Sales Training Program. Guaranteed to Double Your Results in less than 30 Days. Don't let a few bucks rob you of riches!

Common Mistake: Not getting a Mentor or Education (Don't try to figure out yourself)

In fact, if I see one common mistake for most folks make when learning something new or even just getting better at a skill or technique. They go in blind, and try to figure things out. Deciding they are going to invest in real estate, the stock market, be a better manager, or salesperson, with out education. Or worst they decide to use trial and error as their teacher. Ignorance is an expensive lesson. It is always cheaper to buy the MAP. Getting lost can cost you time and money.

I would much rather take the advice of two of my mentors, Napoleon Hill and Jim Rohn. Jim Rohn kept encouraged me to learn more. Because as you learn more you earn more. Become more valuable to the people around you, your employer, the marketplace and self. Education, and following a Mentor are absolutely the path to Riches. Get GREAT mentors in your life and your life will become a master piece in short period of time. I want to be your sales coach and mentor.

Jim Rohn Guidance:

"You are the sum total of the 5 people you

spend time with on a regular basis"

"If you work hard on the job, you will make a living,

If you work hard on yourself you will make a fortune"

Unfortunately, even if you work hard at your job, there is no guarantee they will keep you. Cut backs and layoffs are a common occurrence. What would you do if you lost your job today? Are you like the average person? The average person goes through their savings and checking in 3 months, then credit cards, and are BROKE. That is scary. You must have more than one source of income, hopefully many! More importantly, build a retirement nest egg, that will take care of you. At least 2 million dollars. Lots of folks 2 Million is enough. It time for you to step up and grab the gold ring. To become worth more, earn, more and build financial freedom. Take Jim Rohns advice. WORK on YOURSELF. Dedicate some time, money, and effort to improving your skills in: buying real estate, managing your money, picking stocks, cutting taxes, opening a business, improve your selling skills, and protection your assets.

Napoleon Hill was right too. In your life you must pay the price for specialized knowledge, whether you buy it, become an apprentice to a master craftsman, or tap a master mind group. Find those experts, and put them on your team. The simplest way is to buy their time and knowledge. I loved most of Napoleons book "Think and Grow Rich". Many of the concepts I live today. All successful people have at the base, the characteristics from his book. You must have:


Desire, Faith, Organized Planning, Specialized Knowledge and

DREAM. Thoughts are things. What ever we can conceive (DREAM), and believe we can achieve. By the way, would you like a free copy of his book Think and Grow Rich ?

If so, DownLoad it now for FREE! My gift to you for visiting my site. I have a few more bonus items, if you read further.

Click Here and Download Think or Grow Rich (save as target)

Here are just of a few of the Mentors in my life. Folks that were kind enough to share their philosophy and strategy. I have dozens more, some well known (Warren Buffet, William O'Neill), others that are just quietly making money on the internet (Armand Morin-50 Million a year) or stock market. At last count, several years ago, I spent over 81K on training's, mentors, education and books and tapes. Now I can in turn share my experience and strategies you! All of them contributed to Sales Code in some format.


Tony Robbins


Ken Blanchard


Jim Rohn

Sir Joh

Sir John


Og Mandino


Charles J Givens


Russ Whitney


James Smith

Bill Bartmann


Ted Rogers


Rice Twins

You should listen to me for 2 major reasons:

First, I sell for a living.

  • Sell from stage. Whether that is $ 200 or $25,000 I know how to sell to groups.
  • Trained over 200 plus speakers to sell from stage. Several MILLION dollar producers and well know speakers.
  • Trained over 3000 Sales People.
  • Managed 100 hundreds of sales people in telemarketing, direct sales, commercial sales, and group selling. I LOVE to sell.
  • Created 7 different seminar companies, including: Whitney Canada, Whitney UK & Australia, Fortune Financial, AAREI, and more. I love the seminar business.
  • Took my own company from Zero to 46 million in 3 years through sales training.
  • Created a 6 week training program to master the 13 major sales techniques.
  • Developed a 2 day crash course to improve sales from 20% to 100%.
  • Certified PSS-3 Sales Trainer.
  • NLP Trainer--Richard Bandler

Second, I have some GREAT individuals, speakers, trainers, and companies as past clients. Such as:

  • Russ Whitney
  • James Smith
  • Bill Bartmann
  • Charles J Givens
  • Marshall Sylver
  • Bill Bronchick
  • Jay Abraham
  • WiseTrade
  • Optionetics
  • Profit Strategies Group
  • Get Motivated Seminars
  • Financial Success Workshops
  • Cornerstone Training (AAREI)
  • Whitney Canada, Australia & USA
  • Winters Investment Network-UK
  • Rogers (Canada)
  • Teletroniks
  • Campbell Soup
  • Go Vacations
  • Medtox

What does that mean for you?

I know what it takes to sell. I know how to teach others that skill. Often doubling their results in a few short hours. In my materials you will learn:

13 Major steps (Commandments) of a Great Sales Professionals
check Build Rapport in minutes using anchors, stories, language, and personal values.
check Create subconscious agreement with questions, statements, and directive actions. You might want to write that one down? :)
check Completely destroy objections, long before they become a problem.
check Instill Trust, Respect and Compliance with 3 proven techniques.
check 12 PLUS Closing techniques sure to put on the path to A MILLION DOLLARS.
check Scripted stories you can use tomorrow in your presentations.
check How to motivate anyone to ACTION in minutes, by understanding their VALUES.
check 25 Language Patterns that compel the sale, and lead people to BUY.
check The BELL technique, that links education to selling. Unseen, indirect selling. That Works.
check To use props, stage anchors, bonuses, and sequence to drive sales to the tables.

Sales Code: Double Your Results in less than 30 Days!

Sales Code Teaches:

Influence the 4 types of people in the World

28 Hypnotic Language Patterns

15 Closing Techniques

6 Steps to Sales Mastery

Sales Code Includes:

General Strategy Workbook

30 Day Plan for Success

3 Dynamic Audio's

4 Educational Video

FREE monthly Newsletter

33% Close!


WOW. I used your stuff at one of my recent events, and I closed 33% of the audience. The best thing of all, no one complained about me SELLING too much. Your stuff works, because it is so subtle, no one knows your selling. Thanks my friend, Bill Bronchick

PS: If you have a seminar question (format, products, timeframe, results, marketing, sales, closing)............., Jim has the answer!

Immediately Increase your Sales Performance


“I am glad to count Jim Francis as one my friends, and mentors. When it comes to seminars and selling from stage, he is a master trainer.

He can help you craft a presentation, build a product and sell it in front of an audience. Listen, learn and immediately increase your stage presence and sales performance.” Bill Bartmann. Author and Business Coach.

Now at this point, the professional salesperson is going, Ok, you seem to know what you are talking about. You have great credentials. I am interested. What is the COST? Actually you know the answer to that question. The cost is all the sales you won't make, by missing out on this program. It is what you don't know that costs you thousands, if not Millions of dollars. Because, a few of my words, techniques, strategies or stories can be the difference between Gold and Brass. Coal or Diamonds. Do not let $ 97 keep you from that wealth. That is the true cost. The investment in the program is cheap by comparisons only $ 97. A few dollars, that can make a major difference in your selling, speaking and pay check.

For those of you that are face paced. know the value of education and training and want to get started immediately, Click below, and you can get going today.

YES! I Want to start immediately...

Mastering Sales Code. I shall receive:

  • Sales Code Professional........................................... $197.00
  • 30 Plan for implementation........................................$ 99.00
  • 4 Personalities and how to sell to them...(audio).... $ 49.00
  • 12 Closing Techniques...(audio)................................$ 49.00
  • Sales Strategies....(audio).........................................$ 49.00
  • Video 1: General Sales Strategies............................ $ 99.00
  • Video 2: Social Styles.................................................$ 99.00
  • Video 3: 25 Language Patterns..................................$ 99.00
  • Video 4: Closing..........................................................$ 99.00
  • Free Monthly Newsletter

Individually these components sell for $ 839. Together as a package I charge $695.00 for this outstanding sales training program.

Now you can have the program for one low price.

$ 497.00

Product is 100% Downloadable

Plus I am going to throw in a FANTASTIC Bonus Today! Read on!

People say…..What a Great Investment

“We did $ 3600 per head with $ 2200 collected ...small numbers in awhile, for me ...thanks for the training and support!”                 Mike W.  Trainer, Toronto

“After your training, (a year later), the results are stunning. We have nearly doubled our sales volume, with no addition in staffing. Thank you for all your help”.           K. Labrosse Ph.D. Medtox Labs, California

“I would highly recommend any aspiring salesman to take this course” Misha Roberts, Stock Broker, Toronto

Tony Robbins

“Jim. Glad to have you on our Team!” 

Tony Robbins, Author & Motivational Coach

Tony Robbins, taught me some great concepts. Two that have stuck with me my whole life. Break through the obstacles in your mind (use your head--as I am in this picture) and when you are afraid take a step. Fear often holds us back from GREAT success. Fear of loss, fear of failure, even fear of success. When in doubt take a step forward.

Take the next step to increase your sale performance and income. Make an agreement to yourself, to improve your personal performance this year. Invest in yourself; invest in your own success. Invest in Sales Code. It will make a huge difference in your life. It absolutely works!

For those of you who need a little more detail keep reading...

Sales Code is the premiere sales training program for getting sales representatives to double their sales results in a very short period of time. With the system you will:

Understand the 7 major sales systems for getting to YES!

Using personal values to leverage a sale

Learn selling words and phrases that ensure the sale

Control the selling process

Build incredible rapport in minutes

Use questions to uncover hidden needs and desires

Sell to the top 10 emotional sales values

Receive 15 closing patterns

Learn 28 plus hypnotic language skills

Understand the 4 social styles and how to sell to them

Get rid of your negative sales beliefs


Sales Code Program: A detailed inter-active learning guide. Teaching you the fundamentals of Sales skills. A guaranteed and proven sales process, that compels individuals to buy. Detailed: scripts, language patterns, questions to ask, stories (how & why the work), closing patterns, words to sell, & More!


Sales Code 30 Day Plan. A step by step 30 day plan to get you to implement the skills, concepts and techniques in the program. Cheat sheets, scripts & more.


Audio: How to sell to different personalities, and social styles. Understanding personal motivation & value selling.


Audio: Language patterns. How to get them to buy, all the time. Unconscious influence and subliminal techniques.


Audio: Direct closing statements. 15 plus closing stories, and skills. ABC. Always Be Closing.

4 Educational Videos!

General Strategies

Social Styles

25 Language Patterns




Special Bonus for taking action to day

OK. this is incredible. A number of my students, said. I love the 15 closing techniques, and specific language. Do you know any more?

I said, yea about a 100 of them. Well, someone said PROVE it. So, I created 101 Closing Techniques. All unique, all different, and all POWERFUL. Learn just a few of them, and make a major improvement to your selling. Learn them all and become a Sales Master. A 90 minute video just on closing. You will know:

  • When to use the Pattern.
  • How to deal with the time, or money objections (12 ways)
  • The exact words to say. You can duplicate the patterns.
  • Multiple ways to close the sale or move them to action.

This is so COOL, you cant miss out!

$ 497.00

Product is 100% Downloadable (if you want physcial product that can be arranged)

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