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Every month, I send out a FREE Sales Code Newsletter. Usually PDF (2-4 pages). Filled with tips and ideas. See a sample below that you can download (NOW), and read immediately. You will love it. If you have not already, a Newsletter BOX will appear in a few seconds, for you to join the FREE newsletter.

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If you want to contact me directly, to discuss:

  • Product Issues. Let me know right away. Always want to look after my clients. You can reach me at
  • Speaker Mentorship: My rate to review, coach, and train a speaker is $7500 for 3 days, plus expenses (air, hotel, car rental). Usually another $1000. For that you recieve, a detailed review of you, your presentation, with specfice recommendations for improvement. Plus 30 days of phone support after the review. Just to get you on the right track. Now many folks think that is expensive. But on average, I improve sales results by 20-200%. That can make your year. So lots of folks have stepped up and asked me to help them with their training and speaking including: Marshall Sylver, James Smith, Bill Bartmann and hundreds of others. Check out I don't do many of them now adays, but if your interested, and want to contact me to discuss. Send an email to:
  • Company and Seminar Company Training: For about 3 years, all I did was company sales training. 1 year teaching Tony Robbins techniques, and 2 years, just teaching folks Sales Code (before I even named it). That is how I paid the bills. Years later, many of the seminar companies out thre have used me to train their speakers. Either for fees, a salary or piece of the deal. For example: Whitney (usa, canada and uk), Profit Strategies Group, Optionetics, TMTT, Star Trader, and Winters Investment Network (UK). Send me an email, if your company needs on going sales training.
  • Joint Venture. Always interested in marketing my products. So email me.

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